Nike Running

A few weeks ago I decided to start running and it's safe to say that I am hooked {and a little sore}.


A day on the island

The sun rises over the island. A knife of light finds it's way through your blinds awakening you from a deep sleep. You pull away your crisp, white sheets and muddle out of bed. You open your door and are greeted by a warm breeze and an enormous burst of light and colour. The only sounds are those of nesting birds, crickets and rhythmic to and fro of the waves gently meeting the sand. 

The perfect cover up

Please say hello to my buttery soft cashmere, sparkly little friend...

Lonubo Island, the Maldives

I'm not going to lie, I spend about 95% of my existence day dreaming of tropical, magical desert islands. I'm very rarely left speechless however nothing could prepare me for how beautiful Lonubo Island is.

Arriving in paradise

I don't remember many specifics from my high school days however there is one lesson that is stuck in my memory. It was a dark, miserable Wednesday. At 10.30 myself and 20 other pupils huddled into a little classroom ready for our RE lesson. This lesson was different to the others as we had company  and that usually meant doing very little work. They were a team of youth workers from the local church. At the end of said lesson they went around the classroom and one by one asked each pupil what their goal in life was, a focusing exercise if you will. Between the nurses, the lawyers and a couple of farmers I simply replied 'I want to go the the Maldives'. Everybody laughed, but lo and behold the man upstairs was listening.